Information Archiecture

I.A. and UX is the art and science of organising your content into a structure that converts.

Graphic Design

Beautiful, accessible graphic design that's becomes the perfect funnel to conversion.

Online Marketing

Social technology plays a major role in inbound marketing. Our website design services are here to help!

Custom Development

Developing of unique online products for existing bussiness environments or startups. We have the ability to take your concepts and make them into exact systems.

Launch Guides

Accelerate your business with step-by-step guides and a network for high-growth businesses by some the best experts in their fields.

Email Marketing

Digital delivery is around 70% to 90% cheaper than traditional methods.
Create and send great looking emails using our simple to use Email CMS.

We are always on a pursuit to find innovative solutions that can help our clients shine

We have seen many companies ending up with perhaps technologically sound websites, but lacking in certain areas beneficial to their client’s business. We have a solid coding background but more importantly we understand that that alone just does not cut it


Gilbarco AFS Website

iimLaunching first did a complete environmental and content audit, to establish the niche sector in which AFS operates in. We then planned out their client focus, in line with their overal marketing strategy. Taking all of this in to account, we then iterated a number of design concepts and tested them out on a focus group of select random users – choosing the best design concepts to then iterate further. There was a requirement for this website to be CMS based with a custom module that pulled in the latest South African fuel prices – both coastal and inland prices.

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